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Classic Holiday Drink

Mulled Wines are a time-honoured holiday tradition around Christmas in most old-world countries. They can add some warmth to our cold and short winter days and has evolved over the time. I am often asked where the tradition stems from, and what kind of wine to use when making Mulled Wines.Read more ›

3 Best Wines to Enjoy with your Turkey and Stuffing

Bring the right Wine to your Holiday Meal

As you know, there are so many different kinds of wine, it can be intimidating to select the right wine to go with your holiday meal of turkey and stuffing.  Some wines are made to have on their own, some wines are made to cellar and wait decades to drink and there are some wines that are made to have with food, all kinds of food.Read more ›

Winter Wines

It is amazing how our tastes change for food and drink with the change in weather for those of us who live in a region with drastic temperature change. In Canada we see our temperature go from 30 degrees Celsius to minus 30 degrees Celsius.  That is quite a change.

Along with the change in weather, our yearning for certain food and drink change along with it. Today I want to talk to you about winter wines, which really vary from our summer preferences.Read more ›

Celebrate Autumn’s Harvest With Wine

As the leaves begin to change, we’re lucky enough to enjoy breath taking fall foliage, which can be the perfect back drop for enjoying wine. As the autumn harvest gets into full swing, what better time to add a fun and exciting wine event to your list of things to enjoy this season. From wine classes to wine tasting events, there are plenty of ways to make the most of this beautiful time of year.Read more ›

Planning a Corporate Event? Why a wine tasting event should be on your list of activities.

I see the puzzled look on some people’s faces when I talk about using wine events for corporate events.  I can see in their expression, they can’t make the connection between the two, corporate event and wine event!

When you are having a corporate event or a client retention event, what are you doing?  You are bringing most of your clients together to either celebrate an occasion or you want to share some news with them.  Right?  How does a wine event fit in?Read more ›

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