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Client Appreciation vs. Client Retention

Client Appreciation

Client Appreciation is all about saying “thank you”. Thank you for shopping with us, thank you for using our services, thank you for inquiring about what we have to offer you. Thank you. And that is the end of it.

Client Retention

Client Retention is about developing new, innovative and profitable methods of keeping your existing clients. Client retention consists of inviting your existing clients to return and use your products or services and those existing clients potentially referring new clients to you.Read more ›

Tips for Your First Wine-Tasting Experience

A question often asked of a sommelier (wine expert) why there are so many different types of wine.

Such a great question! My answer, there are as many wines as there are different taste buds.  Everyone will taste wine differently one from the other.

With access to wines from all over the world, there is no shortage of blends or varietals to try and to enjoy.  That being said, taking the time to learn about what you are drinking and be able to understand the depths and flavours of the wines you are tasting are just some of the reasons why attending a structured wine tasting is a good idea.

If you haven’t participated in wine tasting events before, here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you enjoy your first wine tasting.  Whether you attend a specific event or enroll in a wine tasting class, knowing these few pieces of information can help prepare you for the experience.

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Wine says it All!

Have you been looking for just the right way to say ‘Thank You’ to your customers? Maybe a good team-building event for your employees? How about a way to break the ice with potential clients and your team? WINE says all those things!

At SommEvents, we specialize in matching your individual events with just the right type of wine. When we started, we wanted SommEvents to be a unique event planner. It was our goal to offer something with a twist. Wine seemed to be a natural choice! After all, it has been part of our celebrations for thousands of years. Plus, wine consumption in Canada has been consistently growing every year. In fact, Canada is one of the top consumers of imported wine.[1] The trend continues to grow as more and more Canadians discover the joy of wine. So, what kind of events can SommEvents plan for? Any kind! Below you will find a few examples.

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Wine Etiquette Class

Why would anyone need a wine etiquette class?

Did you know that there is a specific order to how you taste wine and why we do it?

Did you know there is an order in which to drink wine to get the most from the experience?

If you are an executive or you aspire to be an executive, successfully entertaining a potential or existing client is an important part of the deal.  The same can be said for a job interview as you move up the ranks in your career.Read more ›

Team Building! Your Employees Are Your Most Valuable Asset

“Organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to retain the best people.”  ~  Watson Wyatt, Worldwide Consulting Firm


team collaboration


When an organization is able to retain their best employees, both productivity and the organizational bottom line will increase.

Your employees are your most valuable asset.  Ensuring their happiness while maximizing their productivity is critical to a successful organization.  One method to create a successful organization is to employ effective communication throughout the company and to create and sponsor team building events.  Research indicates that face-to-face communication is a proven means to effective communication.

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A Case for Client Retention Strategy

Statistics indicate that 50% less energy is required to sell a new product or service to an existing client than that required to sell to a new client. The acquisition of new clients represents five times the cost of retaining an existing client. Therefore, client retention is a prime objective for the business owner. Client retention is a true barometer to measure potential business growth.Read more ›

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