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What Is a Wine Pairing?

“What wine should I serve with this steak? Does it matter how the steak is cooked? Does that change whether I serve white wine or red?”

“Fish always goes best with white wine, right? Or is it champagne? I never remember…”

“I have this great new wine I want to show off, but it is a little sweet; I wonder what the best food is to pair it with…”

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Client Appreciation vs. Client Retention

Client Appreciation

Client Appreciation is all about saying “thank you”. Thank you for shopping with us, thank you for using our services, thank you for inquiring about what we have to offer you. Thank you. And that is the end of it.

Client Retention

Client Retention is about developing new, innovative and profitable methods of keeping your existing clients. Client retention consists of inviting your existing clients to return and use your products or services and those existing clients potentially referring new clients to you.Read more ›

Wine says it All!

Have you been looking for just the right way to say ‘Thank You’ to your customers? Maybe a good team-building event for your employees? How about a way to break the ice with potential clients and your team? WINE says all those things!

At SommEvents, we specialize in matching your individual events with just the right type of wine. When we started, we wanted SommEvents to be a unique event planner. It was our goal to offer something with a twist. Wine seemed to be a natural choice! After all, it has been part of our celebrations for thousands of years. Plus, wine consumption in Canada has been consistently growing every year. In fact, Canada is one of the top consumers of imported wine.[1] The trend continues to grow as more and more Canadians discover the joy of wine. So, what kind of events can SommEvents plan for? Any kind! Below you will find a few examples.

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Stay safe and stay home!

During these difficult times, we can only hope you are all staying safe.
Our in-home wine tasting program, as well as all our corporate events, will resume when it is safe for everyone to participate.

We look forward to seeing you then!

The Team at SommEvents


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