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Wine Education

Our wine classes are structured to address all levels of wine knowledge.

Are you just learning about wine and would like to learn what all the fuss is about when tasting wine?

  • Have you been to wineries and learned just enough to get yourself into trouble when speaking about it?
  • Are you an advanced wine connoisseur looking to round off your knowledge, and experience some different varietals?
  • Has wine etiquette become a topic of conversation at work and you want to learn more?
  • Would you like to have a better interaction with the sommelier in a restaurant?

Join us for a wine class that will meet your learning level.

All classes include 5 to 7 different wines, the appropriate glasses, and notes. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun as we discuss the varietals, their origins, and which foods to pair with the wines. Our discussions often cover past experiences and travels, plus we answer all your questions.

Wine Classes

Introduction to Wine

Do you already love wine but want to learn more? A structured tasting will guide you and teach you the basics. You will learn to taste like the professionals, using your sight, sense of smell, and your taste buds.

From novice to seasoned wine connoisseurs, the group will learn:

Look at our event calendar to find the wine class of your choice and the location. Would you like your own wine class? Gather a minimum of 8 people and we can give you a private wine class at the location of your choice.

Discover Wines and Their Regions

This hands-on course is designed for the novice who wants to learn the basics of wine. We believe that the best way to learn about wine is by tasting it. By the end of this course, you will feel well-armed when going to the LCBO or any restaurant and confidently choose a bottle of wine that you will enjoy. During this informative hands-on course you will discover seven major varieties and their basic characteristics. This will help to identify the wines you prefer. We will teach you the techniques that wine professionals use to distinguish these varieties from one another, and how to identify differences in colour, body, aroma, acidity, sweetness, and tannins. You will gain a fuller understanding of what is meant when a wine is described as fruity, full-, medium- or light-bodied. In order to ensure a truly personal experience we have kept the classes to a maximum of 12 people.

Wine Etiquette

Have you ever felt that you wished you knew more about wine etiquette? This course explains the basics of wine tasting. You will learn the importance of using sight, smell, and taste to evaluate a wine before pouring it for your guests. From corkscrews, decanters and other wine accessories, you will discover those that are worth investing in and how they add to your wine-tasting experience. This course also addresses the different varieties of wine glasses to help you select the ones that are appropriate for your specific setting. In order to ensure a truly personal experience, we have kept the classes to a maximum of 12 people.

Understanding the Classic Grapes

Ever feel intimidated when choosing a wine from a restaurant menu? Learn how to read a restaurant wine list and choose an appropriate wine to enjoy with your meal. This wine experience will teach you the basic varietals of grapes, their region of origin and which types of wines are best suited for certain types of food. This event is rich in information and will help you select the best wine to pair with your meal. Feel confident when discussing wine selections with the sommelier. If you don't see this class listed, let us know and we can see how we can accommodate you.